Homeowner Services

As we strive towards a world where everyone has a decent and safe place to live, Newnan-Coweta Habitat for Humanity, Inc. recognizes the importance of successful homeownership, home maintenance, and community support. 



Our homeownership program helps the dreams of a first-time homebuyer come to life. Each household that applies for our homeownership program must:

Be in Need of Adequate Housing

A need for housing can be expressed by current housing being inadequate based on size, structural state, or unsafe neighborhood. An applicant’s current housing can also be cost burdened and consume more than 30% of the household’s monthly income.

Be Willing to Partner with Newnan-Coweta Habitat

Each household must attend eight mandatory homeowner education classes as well as complete 250 sweat-equity hours. One hundred of the sweat-equity hours must be completed on the construction site.

Our Habitat Offering Partner Education (HOPE) class series provides our homeowners and the public with FREE educational classes focused on the homebuying process, home maintenance, credit management, budgeting, avoiding delinquency and foreclosure and more. To learn more about our HOPE classes, click on this link.

Be Able to Repay a zero-interest mortgage

We are able to offer our homeowners a 20-year, zero-interest home loan totaling the cost of their home. Since the homes are built by our construction staff and dedicated volunteers, we save thousands on the construction of our homes. Not charging interest on our loans saves our homeowners a lot money over the years! 

Click here to learn more about the homeownership program and how to apply.

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