Brush with Kindness


Are you an existing homeowner in Coweta County in need of beautification, critical repairs or weatherization for your home? If so, you may be eligible to participate in Newnan-Coweta Habitat for Humanity’s Brush with Kindness program. Interested candidates should review the information below to determine if they are eligible. Next, a candidate should pre-register for one of the mandatory orientation sessions below. Orientation attendees will learn more about program requirements and obtain an application to be considered.


  • Live at a Coweta County address that is the primary residence of the applicant(s)
  • Be in good standing with their mortgage lender
  • Active homeowner’s insurance on home/property
  • Have no liens or judgements on their home/property
  • Be willing to complete 25 sweat equity hours and attend a home maintenance and repair workshop
  • Be able to repay a portion of the construction costs (based on the applicant’s income)

Due to the number of critical repair requests we have received, NCHFH is currently writing grants and seeking additional funding for its Brush with Kindness program. If you would like to be put on a waiting list for our next orientation, please call (770) 252-9049, ext. 210 or email Once our funding has been replenished, we will announce future orientation dates so that homeowners can apply.



Below is a list of sample repairs. The list is intended to serve as a guide to possible repairs.  Other repairs not listed will be considered as well.   Please note, however, due to limited funding we may not be able to address every request. Repairs posing a health or safety risk will be considered first.

Beautification – designed to address exterior home preservation/aesthetic issues

  • Power Wash exterior siding of house.
  • Minor repairs to fascia and soffit.
  • Minor repairs to porches.
  • Replace hollow core exterior doors with steel exterior doors.
  • Scrape, prime and paint exterior siding of house.
  • Fill cracks in concrete, masonry.
  • Building handicap accessible ramp.
  • Sweep Roof.
  • Power wash gutters.
  • Landscaping to include weed flower beds around house, trim bushes and clear away brush, trim yard trees, rake yard, and fill holes to level out yard.


Weatherization – designed to address interior and exterior repairs that reduce energy consumption, and maximum energy efficiency.

  • Sealing bypasses (cracks, gaps, holes), in areas with high potential for heat loss.
  • Sealing recessed lighting fixtures (can lights or high hats).
  • Sealing air ducts.
  • Installing/replacing dampers in exhaust ducts, to prevent outside air from entering the house.
  • Protecting pipes from corrosion and freezing.
  • Providing proper ventilation to spaces without air-conditioning to protect a building from the effects of condensation.
  • Replace minor building wrap, siding, flashing, and making sure they are in good condition.
  • Installing insulation in walls, floors, and ceilings, around ducts and pipes, around water heaters, and near foundation and sill.
  • Replace broken window glass and /or install storm doors and storm windows.
  • Replace old drafty doors with tightly sealing, foam-core doors.


Critical Home Repairs – designed to address interior and exterior issues which may affect the health and safety of the occupants

  • Major roof repair or replacement.
  • Plumbing where there is no running water to the kitchen sink, shower, or tub and/or toilet.
  • Faulty electrical wiring that poses a fire hazard.
  • Replace flooring, foundation piers or support beams which have the potential for collapsing at any time.
  • Installation of water heaters which comply with building codes.
  • Replacement of inadequate heating and cooling (unit shall currently exist). Wall heating unit may be installed if no unit currently exists.
  • Floor and wall repair/replacement.
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